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VERBATIM 43713 | BD-R 25GB 6X Wide White IJP 10pk JC

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BD-R 25GB 6X Wide White IJP 10pk JC
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Product Description


BD-R 25GB 6X Wide White IJP 10pk JC

The advent of Blu-ray technology has led to the introduction of high capacity storage discs to meet the demand cause by the rapid growth of high definition television (HDTV).

Blu-ray discs get their name from blue laser technology. The shorter wavelength of the laser is the reason it is blue in colour. The blue laser has a wavelength of 405nm compared with the wavelength of 650nm for DVD which utilises red laser technology. The benefit of having a blue laser with a shorter wavelength means it is possible to write smaller data pits and therefore vastly increase the amount of data on the disc.

Blu-ray discs offer 3 to 5 times the storage capacity of a standard recordable DVD disc, enabling the recording, rewriting and playback of high definition video (HD).

For use only in drives or recorders that support Blu-ray Discs without cartridge.

Capacity: 25GB
Speed: 6x
Pack Style: 10 Pack Jewel Case
Disc Surface: Printable
Print area: 22-118mm

This disc complies with BD-R Specification Version 1.3

Product Number: 43713

*GB = 1 billion bytes. Capacity available for storage will be less; device uses up to 10% of memory for formatting and other functions. 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer VERBATIM
MPN 43713
Warranty Statutory Manufacturer Warranty

Brand Description


When you've burned through the available storage on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, you have two basic options: Delete old stuff to make room for new, or upgrade to a new device that offers more space. The former is a hassle; the latter, expensive.

Consider a third option: The wireless media hub. These compact devices let you add your own storage in the form of SD cards and USB drives, thus affording you lots of extra space for your documents and media. In this roundup, I review three of these useful products: the Apotop Wi-Copy, the Iogear MediaShair Hub and the Kingston MobileLite Wireless.

For mobile workers, hubs make it possible to stream movies, music, photos, slide decks and more to a storage-strapped smartphone or tablet. They also allow you to upload memory-hogging photos and videos to higher-capacity memory cards and drives, thus freeing up space on your phone or tablet. And as an added bonus, these three hubs double as mobile chargers, providing supplemental power at the same time they're supplementing your storage. Two of them can function as mobile routers, too.

If you're merely looking for added storage for your laptop, check out my recent roundup of 7 mobile hard drives. However, the USB-powered models are for laptops only, so they won't help your overstuffed phone or tablet. And except for a couple of drives with built-in Wi-Fi -- the Corsair Voyager Air and the Patriot Aero -- they can be used with only one device at a time. The hubs reviewed here let you connect multiple devices simultaneously.

Indeed, a hub serves as its own Wi-Fi access point of sorts. You connect your phone, tablet, or laptop to it the same way you'd connect to any wireless hotspot. The hub's app -- all three support iOS and Android -- not only allows you to access your stored files, but redirects your device to the main Wi-Fi network so you can continue getting Internet access. Some hubs are better at this than others.

I tested the hubs with my iPhone 4S and a rooted Kindle Fire tablet running Android 4.2. For media I used several generic SD cards and USB flash drives, along with a Seagate Slim portable hard drive. The crew at Verbatim are always polite and provide very quick turn around on all requests. Verbatim offers immediate responses and very quick turnaround on projects. We have been consistently impressed.

Verbatim, the information storage pioneer, introduces a fresh assortment of computer peripherals to complement consumers’ portable lifestyles. Highlighted by the company’s Bluetooth Wireless iPad Foldable Keyboard and Wireless Optical Touch Mouse, Verbatim’s wide range of new offerings seamlessly enhances users’ tablet, laptop, netbook and desktop experience with innovative features and irresistible designs. Verbatim’s latest computer peripherals and full 2011 product range, including stylish, super-fast portable USB 3.0 hard drives, diminutive flash drives and much more


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