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CISCO UCS-CPU-E52695B | 2.40 GHz E5-2695 v2/115W 12C/30MB Cach

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2.40 GHz E5-2695 v2/115W 12C/30MB Cach
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Product Description


2.40 GHz E5-2695 v2/115W 12C/30MB Cache/DDR3 1866MHz

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer CISCO
Warranty Statutory Manufacturer Warranty

Brand Description


Did you know that the majority of the core routing equipment used to power the Internet comes from Cisco? Well, now you do. The Cisco brand is internationally renowned for providing high-end and top-notch networking products. In fact, Cisco’s networking gears have become synonymous with reliability, performance and durability throughout.

You can often find Cisco’s equipment being utilized in huge organization as well as households from global communications carriers, governments, schools, hospitals, branch offices and homes. Cisco products allow you to stay on top of your business with a simple yet fully featured network connectivity solutions across multiple IT and networking needs. Their vast range of Wireless Access Points, Routers, Switches, Data center networking equipment Unified Communications, Conferencing and many more represent high quality, durability, reliability, easy maintenance and operational efficiency. These qualities have won popularity for the Cisco brand not only in enterprise organizations but even at home.

You can find a broad range of Cisco equipment on our website for all your networking needs


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